"Where there is no vision, the people perish." This ancient proverb is a timeless principle. Organizations, businesses, projects and events are the realization of someone's vision. The Palmetto Mastersingers, organized in 1981 by Dr. Arpad Darazs, then director of choral studies at The University of South Carolina, is the realization of his vision. He saw the wonderful possibilities of a men's chorus to provide an opportunity for men from all walks of life who love to sing together; but, he saw the greater purpose of the rich service such a group could provide too many people enhancing the cultural life of the community.

Completing over 42 years of performances bears witness to the fact that others have caught the vision, provided the leadership, and made the commitment to fulfill it. We say thanks to all who have brought us this far. No less important is the faithful support you, the audience, have given us through your financial contributions, attendance and encouraging comments.

More important than where we are now, is the direction in which we are moving. An organization's health is directly proportional to its clarity of goals and its understanding of what is needed to attain them. Re-evaluation must be a regular practice. Written by-laws provide guidelines. The seventeen member Board of Directors; composed of singing and non-singing persons, governs. Through long-range planning, good business practices, and mutual accountability we seek to establish a solid base for the future.

Our vision is: The Palmetto Mastersingers, an effective, musical group, well known for its positive cultural effect in the community for years to come.

Our chronological history is illustrated below:

1981 Founded by Dr. Darazs

2003 SC Music Ambassadors

2009 Canada Tour

1999 European Tour

2005 Russia Tour

2001 France/Germany Tour

2007 China Tour

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